Before we expect those who rule our lives to be transparent in their actions, we need to ensure our own thinking is not biased in favour of what we personally feel, or, the effect new ideas might have on our chosen profession. As long as we in the community continue to view things from a short term, pay-packet-protecting point of view, it’s unlikely that we’ll move very far in the right direction. I have personally seen and heard, from people whose opinion I believe can be relied on, many, many ways in which our Nation can exercise the rights and privileges which we all have, to improve our own societies and, by doing so, subsequently improve the lot of those less fortunate.

That’s not to say this isn’t a great country, it is, but it won’t be for too much longer, unless we ‘bite the bullet’ and get some very real changes made. Convenient or not, we have to respect the future, if our children are to know the Nation as we do. Without changes in our environmental, social and economic behaviour, we are headed for a very precarious future, one which will see the gaps between our citizens widen. Surely our laws should respect and protect all of our rights, not be guided by political posturing and that which favours the economic will of the powerful few.

Like most that have had the privilege of growing up in this country, I’ve had my problems with our now well established multiculturalism. But, it’s impossible to deny the enormous value of the gifts that foreign born Australians have brought with them. Much as I love Australia and believe that it’s the best place to live, on this ever more troubled planet, I am increasingly concerned by some of the directions our leaders are taking us in. I am just as concerned with the passive acceptance of these changes, by my fellow Australians. I am certainly not against change, far from it, as long as those changes benefit ALL of us, not just a particular social, economic or religious group.

All this talk of National prosperity, mining booms and the huge salaries our politicians and industry leaders receive, makes me wonder whether they live on the same planet, let alone the same country! A bumper cotton crop has no benefits to Australians, it almost wholly foreign owned. A high Aussie dollar may make our financial intuitions look good to the rest of the world, but it’s making it damn near impossible for our own dwindling pool of manufacturers and producers to survive. Because we have a majority foreign owned retail industry, which imports cheaper products to enhance its profit margin, at the expense of Australian producers, this is not a good time for Aussie businesses.

It’s not as though anything I’m saying that isn’t already known to most, at least to those who give a damn about the Country, yet our leaders seem unable, or is it unwilling, to change the status quo. You don’t need a degree in business to know that if the majority of a company’s board are not local residents, they are not going to give much thought to their host Nations future. I’ve been told that as much as 90% of Australia’s corporate structure is, in fact, foreign owned. If it is that high, it certainly would explain the un-Australian actions, by many of our ‘Aussie’ corporations. Eg.Banks laying people off, while making obscene profits.

I would love to be able to establish the true percentage of foreign ownership of Australian companies, but the Bureau Of Statistics and the FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) won’t provide ANY information. Makes me wonder if anybody really knows! What I do know, is that two retail giants hold 70% of the Australian retail market, while SEVEN hold just 40% of the US market. We have allowed our Nation to effectively become the minion of big business; we have allowed our government to be swayed by the big end of town’s media. Maybe, with sensible use of this uncensored blog medium and other social media, we can get the real truth to our politicians, after all, we pay ‘em!


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