While I must admit that I don’t know of a better governmental system than our present so-called Democracy, the fact is that, like all other Western Democratic countries, the politics practiced here are a far cry from the Democracy that the ancient Greeks invented. Designed as a truly inclusive method of governing the Nation, it has become an exclusive, elitist system, guided by a single, accepted set of rules. That idea has its merits too, but Western politicians seem to spend most of their time bickering, about their various interpretations of those fixed rules, instead of getting things running properly. We are fortunate enough to be able to make the right decisions, but the politics seems to block it all.

The best example I can give is the current situation in Syria, where, despite the truly omnipotent power of Western Democracies, they seem powerless to help the heroic people there, even though they are fighting and dying, for the very principles which all our Nations profess to believe in. Why not? Because none of the UN Members can agree on a course of action, and, even when they do, the Nations with Veto Powers can shut it down for their own interests. This time its Russia and China, but the US and UK have frequently used this power to protect their own National interests over the years. This is the big flaw in the Democracy actually practiced, here and overseas, there is no moral compass.

One might justifiably expect that any Democratic Nation’s government would make all their decisions, with their Nation and their people’s benefit as the first priority, however, sadly, this is so often not the case. The ‘National Interest’, so frequently quoted as the reason for enacting unpopular laws, is, almost always, not to benefit the whole Nation, but the special interests of a particular socio/ economic group. OK, so business is business and it’s not too clever ignoring its interests, but, when what business wants is bad for the environment, or harms any of our people, our government’s job is to say no! And, when they do, the ever opportunistic opposition, teams up with the big end of town controlled media and blocks it. The US conceived idea of political parties is a real dud!

To be honest, the whole voting for your chosen leaders thing is a blatant farce, how can we intelligently decide on who we want, when the vast majority of us only know a fraction of the real situation? Voting is like playing darts while wearing a blindfold, is there really any difference between the political parties?

The ambitions of our politicians and the greed of our financiers have effectively combined to subvert the glorious potential of our Australian Democracy. How can we rely on opinions which are based what ‘they’ want? The politicians are focussed on getting elected, at any cost, and the financial world worships only profit, at any cost, usually paid by the rest of us. Look at this ‘Global Financial Meltdown’. They say they have lost three trillion dollars and, although it was unquestionably their fault, the working people of the world have to suffer all these ‘austerity measures’, so their Nations can pay it back! However, if the entire world’s hard currencies total just on $2.5 Trillion, how could they have?

The answer to that mysterious question, in a single word, is CREDIT. Almost all of us are guilty of falling for their clever and profitable little game. The bought and paid for media ‘sells’ us, on ‘essentials’, which only maybe 2% of us could pay cash for, then cue your friendly credit provider, to let you can buy what you cannot afford. At some point in time, we have to relinquish this absolutely blind belief that money itself has a right to earn more money. That can only end one way, the rich get richer still while the working folks get less and less for their labour. It is this concept of money’s right to earn money, called usury, which lies at the root of all our problems, and not just our financial ones either.

The whole Murray Darling Basin problem is the direct result of the vast cotton and wheat farms’ foreign owners, choosing to prioritise their profits over our Nation’s environmental needs. We actually have to BUY back our own water from them! And, most of them pay little or no tax, as a result of sweetheart deals done early in the last century. If the government of the day hadn’t signed us up to the International Banking Convention back then, we wouldn’t have to borrow any money to build our Nation. Nor would we need foreign investors, not that we actually do anyway. Australia is a great Nation, but if it is ever to realise its true potential, then we Aussies had better do some clear thinking.


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