Justice and the law have gotten divorced and we, like the children of any broken marriage, are the ones who suffer. I’ve said those words to legal types, of every persuasion, all over the western world. The one thing they all have in common? They all agree it’s the truth. Perhaps, in commercial law that’s the way it has to be, given that it deals with people’s widely different valuations of money, however, it shouldn’t be in the case of civil and criminal law. As subjects of Queen Elizabeth, we are entitled to Westminster rules of government, as laid out in the Bill Of Rights, which was based on the Magna Carta, so we’re talking about one of the longest running traditions in history.

Australia professes to operate under the rules of Crown Law, but I’m sorry to say that it doesn’t. Although, by law, one is innocent until proved guilty, the reality is somewhat different.‘Reasonable suspicion’, by the powers that be, is enough for someone to have their rights curtailed. If those unelected and, quite literally, ‘faceless’ men& women who make society’s rules are of the opinion that, for any amount of reasons, someone or something represents some kind of threat to our community, they either make it illegal, or begin breaking the law themselves, usually by illegally monitoring individuals, or groups. In these troubled times that seems OK, however, its very dangerous.

Racial profiling is but one of the many social ills spawned by this blind belief in what is permissible, if there is ‘reasonable suspicion’. This is also the cause of the much less talked about, but just as prevalent, Social profiling, where a group may share interests the authorities think are‘of concern’. An excellent example is the motor bike clubs, ‘they’ certainly make it sound as though it’s justified, blaming every screaming bloodied headline on them. But, most of the so-called ‘Bikies’ simply share a love of their bikes and the culture that is a part of their bikie clubs. A few violent criminals among their ranks does not justify their wholesale branding, any more than fanatics among believers

But, the unjust infringements of people’s rights are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s the basis on which our laws are made which is by far the greatest danger to our society. According to Crown Law“An act can only be declared a crime, if it causes harm or injury to the Crown or It’s subjects, or damages property belonging to the Crown or It’s subjects”. Put simply, there must be a victim for there to be a crime. This was forced upon King James by the Lords and Landholders of the Thirteenth Century, to prevent laws being made to advantage the Crown. These days, the Crown is duly represented by our democratically elected governments, but the multinational corporations seem to run things.

Our politicians and their minions are not legislating in accord with this vital principal. There are countless crimes which have no victim, beyond the loss of profitable markets for the big end of town. Also, many of our laws are based on current popular opinion, not fact. Just because most people think this or that is right or wrong does not make it so, especially when our public opinion is so driven by our media, who, in turn, are effectively reliant on the big end of town. It is a sad truth that the more money you’ve got, the more ‘justice’ you get, but turning people into criminals, in order to improve the bottom line of the multinationals, is, in itself, a crime against our society.

Our laws cannot be allowed to become regulated by current fashion, or by what is good for the Nation’s largest companies. The best and perhaps only way that we can revise our statutes to provide us with natural justice, is to return to the Crown Law principal of “No victim=no crime”. In a truly just society, people can do as they wish, so long as their actions do not cause any harm to anyone else, or damage the property of others in any way. Our duly elected do not have the right to stop us from doing whatever they consider as harmful to ourselves, least of all in the privacy of our own homes! When we allow them to, we surrender the right to real self determination.


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