I’m not trying to be offensive believe me, however, if you’re one of the vast majority among us who relies on credit, has investments or superannuation, then that enemy is, in fact, you! Whatever it may be called by the financial ‘wizards’, when money earns money, its known as usury. You see, Australia is, like most western nations, regarded as a Christian Democratic country. I don’t have any religion to sell or want to appear to be some kind of religious nutcase; but the fact is Jesus Christ warned us, more than 2000 years ago. He said that the practice of usury would destroy our civilisation, and, as He usually is, He was right. Think about it and you can easily see it doesn’t work.

As long as money is able to earn money, the rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer. That’s a simplification of how it goes, sure, but it is what, in effect, is happening. I can almost hear the howls of protests of the majority, from the ‘big end of town’, to the small business operators and those who just go to work and earn a salary for their labours. “We have to have credit!” I hear you all say, and, “Without interest why would anybody lend money?” The reality is, that is simply not true. The ‘Money Market’ is designed as an effective tool for people with money to make more, but, it benefits only a fraction of human beings and greatly harms the vast majority on this planet.

The idea of having a declared atheist as Prime Minister of our Nation is just fine with me, I strongly believe in the separation of Church and State powers. However, I am at a loss to understand how it is that most of our leaders, who have had the privilege of a Christian education, have not chosen to follow the edicts of their faith. When He lashed out with the jaw bone of a ass, at the money lenders in “His Father’s House”, Jesus made it absolutely clear that to allow profit from lending money would be our society’s downfall. So how come we are in the financial mess that we are? Working people losing their jobs, or taking 20% cuts in their wages and benefits, so their governments can pay back loans which they should never have taken out in the first place.

Believe me, what I’m saying is not crazy, please read on and you will find that we can, and many among us do, live just fine without practicing usury. But how can we build and fully exploit our Nation without foreign investment?

How can we buy homes, cars and what we haven’t got the cash for, without credit? Fair questions, but credit doesn’t have to be usury, it’s the interest which makes it a fundamentally wrong thing to engage in. Let us be real clear about something, we do not need foreign investment, that’s the basics of the deception being played out by the financial world. Our government signed us up to the International Monetary Convention early last century, but it was a big mistake to do so, to put it mildly, and we should withdraw from it.

The simple explanation is that we, in Australia, all get paid and do commerce in Australian Dollars, and our government prints the stuff! So all they have to do is print enough to pay for the things our Nation needs. Too simple? Well, I’d like to hear our financial experts explain how all their dire warnings, of ‘rampart inflation’, whatever that means, actually work. Far as I can see, we don’t need foreigners to run our factories, or work our farms. We seem to have done a pretty good job of it, till our financially dazzled governments dragged us into this International Monetary Agreement.

The fact that some people make millions a day, just trading on the differing exchange rates of each Nation’s currencies, while over half the world is lucky to have clean water to drink, is my interpretation of obscenity. It is sinful. It is because of these financial manipulators that this situation exists. Their little ‘commodities’ game is a blight on all of us; they raise prices without any real reason but to make a profit on that rise. How crazy is that? You know what is even crazier? We actually let them do it! Sure, there are some with the sense and courage to protest, but most of us think they’re just ‘cranks, or hippies’.

Back in the late eighties, I had the honour of spending some time with a truly great Australian, his name was Jeremy Lee. He had been giving talks, all over this Nation, for twenty years before then. What about? Essentially, about the absolute inevitability of a World Financial Crisis, and all the pain that it would cause, unless we changed our financial system. And he was trying to warn all of us, nearly half a century ago! The media called him a right wing extremist, which was about like being accused of terrorist sympathies today, so only the extremists got to hear him. Unfortunately, extremism rarely creates changes.

Put your well indoctrinated thoughts about the financial world away for a moment and just think about it. You’ve been taught that a lender of money has the right to earn interest. Why? The best advice we are ever going to get says that’s not true. In fact, He said it would destroy our society, and it is! If our banking system belonged to us, instead of to the local and international usurers, we could borrow money at service rates, which would be set just to cover the cost of running the bank, not make an elite group of mostly foreign investors richer and richer. The Government would have as much as it needs, at the same service cost, to pay for all the infrastructure we need. The reality is that we don’t actually need the rest of the world.

I’m not suggesting that we cut ourselves off from the whole world, become isolationist or anything like that; it’s just a simple truth that we are blessed with the ability to be a totally self sufficient Nation. The US could be too, but it’s in debt up to its eyeballs, with China! Tell me that’s not crazy. This whole privately owned and artificial financial world is rapidly destroying our real world, money is like water and air, it should never be privatised. Money is far too significant, in all of our lives, to be controlled by an elite and devious few. You might not like the scruffy looking ‘99%ers’ staging their world wide anti greed demonstrations, but I can tell you that I’m certain their message really is 100% right! Either we change our system, or it will ultimately enslave us.


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