Calling an organisation the Department of Health is a ridiculous misnomer when, in fact, it deals only with those who are ill or have been injured. For such a title to be warranted, it should be concerned with our health, but it is not. Though, to be fair, some folks in the ‘Health’ system do try to promote good health, through sensible eating and exercise, the vast majority of our ‘health workers’ are involved only with those already unwell or injured. Even the specialist organisations, like the Heart Foundation, the Cancer Council, to name but two, are more involved in advising folks who have a problem, than advising people on how to avoid it. One wonders whether their extensive Ad campaigns are designed to prevent ‘their’ disease, or simply to raise public awareness and their need for more donations, to run their huge, ineffective organisations.

The Department Of Health should be focussed on our health. It should be at the forefront of preventative behavioural education, trying to prevent us from becoming customers of the massive pharmaceutical industry, but it’s not! Fact is, almost no one in the money making medical world seems to be the least bit interested in preventative health. It’s as if they would prefer us all to be sick; after all, that industry doesn’t make any money from healthy folk. Having had cancer and a heart attack, I know whereof I speak, believe me. I have even been ‘threatened’ of relapses and more heart attacks, if I didn’t go on taking my retinue of lethal narcotics. I haven’t and, after over a decade, I am still extremely fit. How? By utilising preventative techniques, by changing my diet and by following an exercise regime. It’s not rocket science.

In stating this, I’m not suggesting our doctors and their assistants are in some form of conspiracy to make and keep us unwell. In a word, it’s more a simple matter of ignorance, though I do feel doctors should be more open to other ways of treating their patients. The absolute reliance on lethal narcotics and major surgery is definitely not in our best interests and it’s quite hard to see why our doctors don’t understand this. It may be that they are afraid of being labelled as ‘quacks’, if they try alternative methods, but their focus should be on protecting our health, not their reputations. I have often been to see big specialist groups, and given them info on very well proven and regularly used preventative techniques, only to be told that they have ‘other priorities’.

If you take money for promoting health, that’s what you should be doing, but that has not appeared to be the case with any that I have researched. Fact is, especially with specialist circles, words like ‘alternative’ and/or ‘preventative medicine’ are usually scorned and dismissed as old wives tales, or quackery. Yet, every person in medicine and a growing number of the rest of us knows that we in Western society eat way too much meat. That and our regular diet of processed foods have been irrefutably proven to be the cause of most of our worst health problems, as a society. Over 40% of people in the Western nations are actually obese! Not only is that something of an obscenity, when one looks at the rest of the world, it has also been proven to be the principal contributor to heart and digestive systems diseases, like diabetes, which kill those of us that cancer doesn’t get first. Very few of us will live comfortably until our old age, unless we radically change our eating and lifestyles.

Recently, my son-in-law showed me a film he had downloaded from the net, at no cost! But it has proved to be the most valuable gift I’ve ever been given. “FORKS OVER KNIVES” is an excellently produced, totally rational and really well presented production. I urge everyone to look it up on the World Wide Web themselves, find out what really is going on, then make their personal decision on how they choose to react to it. I was angry at first, then I realised that much of what has happened is a ‘natural’ progression, for a society that is so consumed with consuming. I’m not going to review it here, nor attempt to persuade you that it is the whole truth and we should all follow its advice. I just want to draw attention to this startling, yet credible program, as a way of giving folks real free choice, instead of us being forced to choose between a whole bunch of half-truths and downright, commercially motivated lies.

If the Department Of Health that I envisage were to do its job properly, there would be far less need for the one that exists today. Of course people would still get sick and have accidents, and we all have to die sometime. However, with a far greater focus on healthy living, and considerably more diligence by the Food and Drug Administration, in telling us the truth about what all of us should and shouldn’t consume, we wouldn’t need the gigantic, frighteningly expensive Health Industry we all have to pay for today. Ignorance may be bliss for a while, but those who choose to ignore reality will eventually have to pay for doing so. If you choose a healthy life, then go seek the real truth.


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