By Dr. Robert James-Herbert BA MBA (sci) PhD

Nobody actually knows what’s going on. Sure there are ‘experts’ on just about everything, but it’s worth noting that most are on research grants, so, either they don’t know yet, that’s why they are still researching, or they are inclined to say whatever most benefits their benefactors. There is no way I’d claim to be an expert in anything but thinking and writing. I earned my PhD in Philosophy at 60 years of age, so, after many decades of rough and tumble out there in the real world, I can still think. Also, at 66, having penned fourteen novels so far, seven of which are published on Amazon, just click on <<>>, it’s fair to say I can still write.

As to my ‘qualifications’, first off I’m an English born VERY proud Australian. My life has taken me around this world a few times, as a performer, then later as a producer of everything from concerts, records and videos, to lots of trouble! It’s not that I like trouble, at the same time I strongly believe in speaking out, so perhaps some would say I do. I sure have had plenty of it, in fact I’d say that’s my main qualification. Getting into trouble is really easy, try disagreeing loudly with ‘the establishment’, but it’s getting back out of a mess in one piece that is the great teacher. Although not a loner, I have an inherent distrust of all organisations, political, financial and/or religious, so I don’t belong to any.

My experiences have taught me that it’s not what the media are telling us that matters, it’s why they are telling us. What are we being set up for? Of course there are conspiracies, we have conspiracies among our own families and in our workplaces, why wouldn’t the ‘big boys’ have them too? Thanks to Wikileaks, we all now know what many of us have long suspected about world politics, but it isn’t only the politicians who play at keeping things secret. Corporations deliberately hide the truth, so as to keep us buying their sometime lethal products, or blatantly lie about better alternatives.

What I want to do is speak out about what I know of and encourage others to do the same thing. We don’t have to form associations or hit the streets protesting, though I admire those with the courage to do so, what we do need to do is change our own minds.


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